Motorola Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus Features Explained

Motorola is on fire to take the budget smartphone market with their newly launched Motorola Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus. Both are made with the intention to capture some biggest smartphone market like India. We are lucky enough to get a glimpse of this great launch. Motorola is offering a premium looking phone with great specs in a budget range of just some hundreds dollar. Considering the brand value of Moto, the price seems very cheap. I know you can get some better phone with the better spec in a lower budget, but they are just some bunch of Chinese company. But of you want to get your hands on brand then Moto G4 and G4 plus have no competition in this price budget. So, let’s get started with the Motorola Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus.

Motorola Moto G4 and G4 Plus


Let’s begin off with aesthetics – these telephones are similar. They’re the identical dimension, the identical dimensions they usually’re fabricated from the identical plastic supplies, with a pretend metallic trim going across the sides.

The again cowl is detachable, however the battery doesn’t get the identical remedy. The detachable again’s primary objective is so you’ll be able to entry the microSD slot and swap between totally different shells. And like with earlier iterations, you may customise to your coronary heart’s content material through Moto Maker.


Each the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus function the identical 5.5 inch 1080p IPS LCD display, protected by Gorilla Glass three. Once more, nothing to put in writing residence about, however undoubtedly a fairly strong trying display. It emits good colours, brightness, and has honest viewing angles. It’s by far the most effective display screen we’ve ever seen on a Moto G collection smartphone when it comes to resolution and high quality.


Each units share the identical 5 MP front-facing shooter, however the rear cameras are fairly totally different. The Moto G4 has a 13 MP f/ aperture lens with section detection auto-focus and twin tone LED flash. The G4 Plus has a better decision 16 MP sensor, additionally at f/, with each part detection and laser auto-focus, together with the identical twin tone LED flash.

Fingerprint Scanner (Best addition to these phones)


You’ll discover the primary main distinction between these telephones proper beneath the display. The Moto G4 Plus is the one one with a fingerprint sensor. In contrast to different telephones with fingerprint readers, although, this sensor doesn’t double as a house button. That is merely resulting from the truth that the G4 Plus makes use of on-screen keys.

Hardware and Software

Each smartphones are packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, however are fairly completely different when it comes to RAM reminiscence. The usual Moto G4 comes with 2 GB of RAM, whether or not you select the 16 GB or 32 GB model.

However, the Moto G4 Plus is extra diverseThe upper finish mannequin is accessible with both 2 GB, three GB or four GB of RAM, relying on whether or not you go for 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage, respectively.

Different specs embrace microSD card enlargement, IPX7 water resistance, a properly sized three,000 mAh battery and Motorola’s turbo charging capabilities.

In the software area, the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus are operating an working system that’s very near inventory Android Marshmallow. It’s a really clear and bloatware-free expertise.

Helpful options like Moto Show and Moto Actions are nonetheless round. Sure, you may get these notifications, or varied totally different gestures like chopping twice to activate the digital camera flash, or twisting your wrist to launch the digicam.

You’ll additionally discover a number of different extras just like the Motorola clock widget, however in any other case, Motorola hasn’t carried out a lot else to change the unique Android UI, which is superior, as a result of it helps hold the expertise very snappy and responsive.

My Thoughts

There you have got it, guys. That is our first fast have a look at the Moto G4  and G4 Plus. Ensure that extra protection is to come back. Till then, hit the feedback to tell us if you’re pondering of shopping for any of those handsets.


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3 Reasons why Android is Better than iOS

It has been a decent year for Android, considering the most recent reports notice it has a 84.7% piece of the pie (as of Q3 2015), however with a pack of contenders holding up in the wings there’s no opportunity to lay on shrubs. So in 2016, what are the ten top reasons we feel that Android champions over iOS?

Android is better than iOS

Too Many Devices to Choose From

Too many devices

There is something for everybody on the Android stage. The sheer assortment of Android cell phones from makers such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others is amazing. You can get a conservative telephone, something with a gigantic touchscreen, a stylus, a pivoting camera, an edge screen, or even a physical console, for example, found on the Blackberry Priv. Corner requests like double SIM are cooked for, and the lead gadgets are on the front line with regards to specs. There’s additionally includes you can’t get with Apple’s gadgets, as microSD and removable battery. Yes, some Android producers have moved far from offering these additional items, however the pleasant thing about alternatives arrives are makers that still do.

Price that Fits your Pocket

This normally takes after on from the primary point on our rundown. A wide assortment of gadgets with various outlines and specs implies that Android has something for you at pretty much any financial plan. The select way of Apple’s items unmistakable difference a distinct difference to the comprehensive way of Android. Just about anybody can manage the cost of an Android telephone. It won’t not be all-singing and moving, but rather there are strong spending plan choices that give individuals a genuine cell phone experience.

Save Money on Android

This is much more valid in 2016 than it was the point at which we initially made this rundown in 2013. Not just do you have the Moto G line, however there’s the Honor 5X, an assortment of BLU gadgets, OnePlus X and OnePlus 2, and even minimal effort leads like the Moto X Pure Edition and Nexus 5X. Interestingly, the iPhone and iPad are restrictively costly for some, however a financial plan Android gadget doesn’t have to cost considerably more than an old component telephone. What’s more, in the event that you can stand to spend some place in the $150 to $300 ballpark, you can discover a handset that gives a close leader level involvement with only a couple of concessions to continue evaluating down.

The Freedom of Customization

One of the solid purposes of Android has dependably been the level of customization it permits. While Apple needs to keep control of default applications with a specific end goal to keep up a homogenous programming and equipment experience, Android lets you pick your own particular level of customization. This amplifies the distance from basic things such as live wallpapers, to option consoles, to custom ROM introduces.

Freedom of Customization

Depreciators will dependably say just no-nonsense nerds care in regards to this level of customization, however at the shallow end of the pool this isn’t valid. A lot of iOS clients cherished it when Apple began permitting outsider consoles and essential gadgets, and that all alone is verification that this adaptability is the thing that individuals need.

A few producers are notwithstanding permitting complex equipment customization. Motorola has Moto Maker, LG has replaceable calfskin back plates, as does Xiaomi. Those are only a couple of illustrations of something Apple will never accomplish for you. View yourself as fortunate to have champagne gold and rose gold accessible… that is really progressive for Apple.

These are the 3 most important feature that I found useful and reason why Android is better than iOS.

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How to Share Screen on Skype

Screen sharing on Skype permits you to demonstrate your screen to the individual you are calling, making it simple to show pictures, get specialized help, and the sky is the limit from there. Need to demonstrate a slideshow of your travel photographs to your grandparents, however would prefer not to send a group of documents that they’ll need to download? Need specialized backing from your grandkids? Screen sharing is the speedy and simple answer. Screen sharing is free for all Skype clients, however in the event that you need to share your screen amid a video call or with different individuals without a moment’s delay, you’ll have to move up to Skype Premium. Take after this manual for share your screen on both Windows and Mac.

Skype Share Screen

Sharing screen on Skype involves 5 steps and I am sharing all the steps below.

Step 1- Launch Your Skype

Sign into your Skype account. Sign in by utilizing your Skype name and secret key that you made when you agreed to your Skype account, then snap “Sign In”. After you sign in, a rundown of the gets in touch with you have included while utilizing Skype will show up on the left half of the screen.

Step 2- Start Call

You can share your screen through either voice or video calls. Screen imparting to a video call requires Skype Premium. In the event that you don’t have it and attempt to start a screen offer, you will be educated that you have to return to the free call.

Step 3- Select “+” Blue Icon

The catch in situated by the red “hang up” symbol. This will open a little menu. Select “Offer screens” to open the Screen Sharing alternatives.

Step 4- Review Screen Preview

Before you begin sharing your screen, you can look at a review of what will be appeared. Twofold watch that there is nothing that you need to keep shrouded showed.

You can share a particular window rather than your entire screen by tapping the down bolt catch toward the side of the window. Select “Offer window” and after that pick the window that you need to share. For Mac, tap the dropdown menu at the highest point of the window, and select “Offer a window”.

Step 5- Finally Click Start

Your contact will have the capacity to see your screen, and anything that you do on it. When you are done sharing your screen, tap the “Quit sharing” catch.

Video Tutorial

If the above 5 steps was little hard for you to follow, then you can watch the below video to get the knowledge for what I was saying.

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Top Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 is currently introduced on more than 200 million contraptions around the world. That is a significant accomplishment in the tech world since its official discharge was just 6 months back on July 29, 2015. On the off chance that your PC is one of those contraptions, you’ve most likely discovered Windows 10 has its offer of sheer winning elements and tragically, extremely disappointing steps.

WIndows 10 Top Features

Obviously, getting used to another working framework dependably requires significant investment and exertion. You need to relearn traps, find where natural things have moved or change things around to suit your style of processing. Let me help you alongside a couple of insider tips on taking control of the new Start menu, enhancing protection, finding the conventional Control Panel, eliminating irritating warnings and that’s just the beginning.

Intense natural Search

Cortana can deal with a wide range of summons you issue utilizing characteristic dialect, for example, playing music, making updates, or demonstrating to you the climate, however the most effective utilization of her common dialect capacities spins around fundamental inquiry abilities. You can give Cortana essential orders like “Discover pictures from June” or “Discover reports with Windows 10” and she’ll apply the proper channels, then scour your nearby documents and OneDrive stockpiling for results.

Make Desktop Shortcut for Individual Settings

You can make Desktop easy routes or Context Menu things to open different Settings in Windows 10. See the URI for Settings applications, that open the specific Settings page straightforwardly.

Easly Cats Videos to TV and Other Devices

No Chromecast? Forget about it, at any rate after Windows 10’s November upgrade, which empowered the Edge program to cast media to Miracast-or DLNA-outfitted gadgets with only a couple clicks—however be careful that the execution has a few eccentricities, and won’t work with DRM-shielded streams from Netflix, Hulu, and so forth. YouTube works fine and dandy however!

The Power of Cortana

Windows 10 highlights Cortana, an individual right hand that goes as far to furnish you with nearby data and supplant writing in Windows 10 taskbar look box with voice. To give you a thought of how it functions, it is similar to Apple’s Siri. Look at how to set up Cortana in Windows 10 to begin utilizing it. On the off chance that you don’t utilize it, you can handicap Cortana.

Privacy on Windows 10

One substantial feedback of Windows 10 is that it stores more data about you than past renditions of Windows. The individual colleague Cortana, for instance, remembers all that you advise her, and monitors what you do on the PC so she can offer you better proposals and suggestions.

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How to take screenshot on all Android devices?

Android is one of the best mobile OS invented till now. We all know that Android is owned by Google, but very less people know that Android was first developed by an individual and later Google bought that and put under their hood. This is also worth mentioning that after Google bought Android, the popularity of Android got sky rocket. Now there are more than one third of smartphone runs on Android and all these credits goes to Google for doing a great job with Android. Here I am not to share fact about Android; instead I am here writing a small yet useful guide where I will show you how to take screenshot on an Android device. I hope you will enjoy this. So, let me start this small tutorial.


Taking a screenshot is very useful option as it helps in taking a shot of what’s going on the screen. If you are somewhat connected to the online world than taking screenshot is a big job. Android made everything easy and simple so taking a screenshot won’t take much time. All you need to know the right technique to capture the screen.

Almost all the devices has a simple yet popular way to take a screenshot and the best thing it is common on every device. So, no matter what Android device or what Android version you are using the screenshot method is same for all.

How to Take Screenshot on Android Device?

Taking a screenshot on Android is just a little far of a few keys. All the Android device has at least three physical buttons like volume Up, Volume Down and power button. You need to take advantage of these three buttons. Don’t worry, I will tell you how.

  • Hold your phone in a suitable manner.
  • When you are ready to take a screenshot, press and hold volume down and power key for some time. Not more than 1 second. Now you will see that your screen is captured.

To describe this in a better manner, I am adding a video which describes this visually.

I hope you enjoyed this small article about how to take screenshot on an Android device easily. Some device also has some other key combination, but don’t worry the one I shared above will also work with every phone. So, you do not need to worry of any other method.

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Top 6 Best Christmas Movies that you Must Watch in This Christmas 2015

So, it’s 23rd of December and only 1 day left in the mid to celebrate Christmas for this 2015. What’s your plan for this Christmas? Any big party? Or a quality time with parents? Or you a movie with your girlfriend? If you are planning for a movie, then let me tell you that I have something good for you. As Christmas is so near so I thought why not an article for best movies for this Christmas? And see I am here. Here I will tell you some of the best free movies that you can watch in this Christmas with your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend or best friends.


Top 6 Best Movies for Christmas 2015

#1. Love Actually

Love Actually is the movie that you can watch with your friends and your special friends. While other movies are only focused on one lead character, this movie has a bundle of 8 lead actor and lead actress. This movie is a perfect roast of love and romance where it shows the love and their sacrifice to deal with their partner in the holiday.

#2. Scrooged

This movie was released in 1988. This is a perfect comedy movie that you can watch with your friends. The lead actor Bill Murray played on a character of selfish TV executive which get visit from three spirits on Christmas Eve with a gift each. All of the gift have some certain meaning and Bill Murray has to solve them.

#3. Bad Santa

Bad Santa is another comedy movie that you can watch with your loving person. This movie has something different to show you. For us Santa is a loveable person who shares gift and love among all of its followers. But this movie shows totally different. Here the main character played as a bank robber and loot bank by getting a Santa get up.

#4. Jingle All The Way

This is the best movie for kids and for you too. This movie shows love and caring of a father for his child. The Arnold Schwarzenegger plated as a light-hearted father who wants to give the best gift for his child and the journey that he did to find the best toy.

#5. Holiday INN

Holiday Inn is a movie from 1942. I know it is too old movie, but it is worth giving a try this Christmas. This movie is all about the dance and music. It also has a cute love story and you can watch this movie with your whole family.

#6. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

In the last I have Rare Exports. This is a movie which was released in 2010. The movie is about a group of diggers who dig the mountain to find out Santa.

Final Words

Christmas is not so far, its outside of our door. And this is the time to plan everything. If you don’t like to watch movies in a theater, then you can easily watch them in your house. There are some best streaming sites for free movies where you can watch movies online on your computer or laptop.

You can even set a mini home theater in your house to enjoy the moment the most. If you liked this article then don’t forget to share.


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Top Chinese Smartphone Brand that is selling like a hell in all over the World

We all know China is one of the world’s largest electronic market and it produces almost all kinds of electronics items and exporting to all other countries. Well the trend is still on and China people are making some stunning electronic device that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Currently the electronic trend is all about smartphone and those days have been gone when cheap device was matters. Now everyone intends to buy a high quality smartphone in less price. People don’t want to pay extra and the same time they also look for quality products. In this case the Chinese smartphone brands are doing really well and they are even giving tough competition to all popular brands Samsung, LG, HTC and some other.

chinese smartphone

If you wonder what are those Chinese smartphone brands that are making a buzz in the international smartphone industry, then I have this small article for you. Here I am going to share some best Chinese brand that is creating trends in the market There are many, but I will share some of them only which are best in terms of quality, price, features and most importantly popular.


MI or Xiaomi is the Chinese smartphone brand that came existence in 2010. Firstly, this company was used to develop smart app, smart electronic products then in 2011 they produced their first smartphone. After that day Xiaomi has increased and now it is the third largest smartphone maker in the world after Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi has a good market value in China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and other countries.


Huawei is the big name in the telecommunication industry, having head quarter in China. The company is also one of the oldest electronic companies which was founded in 1978. The company has produced a lot of good phones and got a huge number of audience in all over the world. There was a time when Huawei was almost out of the phone industry as it was focusing on other business. Then they came back again in the market and now producing more and more smartphone.


OnePlus is fairly new smartphone company which was founded only two years ago in 2013 by the former Vice president of Oppo smartphone. The company knows how to create buzz in the market and honestly they succeed too. OnePlus is the first brand to introduce invite purchase system which helps them to earn lots of reputation and popularity. Now OnePlus is operati9ng in all around the world and providing the best in class smartphone at a settled price.

There are also some other companies like Oppo, Zopo, Meizu which are playing very smartly in the growing smartphone industry. But they are not so good in terms of popularity, selling, customer satisfaction thus I didn’t list them here.

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How to Hide Files on Android without Using any App

All the Android user like you and me saves a lot of data or files on our smartphone. It is not all about Android all the smartphone users like iPhone user or Android or Windows user. Some of the files are simple, we don’t bother to share with anyone. There also some other files that are confident and we always wanted to protect them in order to keep hidden from others. The confidential file can be anything like Photos, Videos, a PDF document or some their important data. Some apps make it easy to hide any files or folder easily, but that alert others that there is something fishy on your phone which you might not want to do. There also another disadvantage for using. All the file security app use to run in the background 24×7 and if you have a smartphone with less hardware configuration then this might lead to slower android.

Hide files on Android free

There is a way to hide a file or folder any android smartphone and that is very easy. It is safe and fast and you won’t face any problem in future.

How to hide files and Folder without using any App.

The method I am going to share is simple, fast, easy and safe. Just follow what I mentioned below.

  • First of all open file manager on your Android.
  • Now go to the file that you want to hide.
  • Long press on the file or folder and then select rename.
  • Add a “.” Before the name of the file or folder. For example, if your file name is “example.pdf” then change it to “.example.pdf”.
  • As soon as you rename the file name you can see that file is hidden and you won’t able to see that.
  • So, whenever you want to open the file go the option menu from the file manager and select a option called “show hidden files”. And when you are done, then hide that file again by selecting the same option again.

If you are still confused on how it works, then see the video below.

Final Thought

So that was the simple tutorial on how to hide files on Android. I hope you have a great time here.

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Things you need before watching HD Movies Online

Things-to-look-before-watching-HD-Movies-OnlineThe craze of online movies is at its high. Everyone who using internet and computer wants to join this race. There is nothing wrong to watch movies online after all this is the internet and we are free to do anything. Watching movies online makes it easy and convenient for us to take a breath from a busy schedule. But sometimes it also creates problem while watching movies and we generally end up doing nothing. If you prepare yourself before going to watch movies on your computer, laptop or mobile. There is something that you need to check or before watching or going to watch movies online. Generally people ignore such things and the result is what they never expect. So if you want to watch any movies online, whether it’s paid or free then please take a look here and then go for your movie. Here I will be sharing some important things that you need to look before watching HD movies online.

#1. Good Computer, Laptop or Smartphone

Good Computer and Laptop

If you consider to watch any HD movies, then make sure you use a good computer or laptop that is in working condition. A movie is generally 2 and half hour and in this meantime, your computer has to keep connected to the internet. This ultimately means more power load to your PC. So it is always recommended to use a good working PC or Laptop. Also make sure that your computer has a brighter screen with better resolution because a dull screen may ruin your movie.

The same also goes to your smartphone. Make sure you use a good browser like Google Chrome to stream movies. It is always recommended to use your Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet for movies until and unless you have a large internet balance on your cellular network. Battery is the big issue for smartphones so make sure to charge your phone properly before watching or streaming movies online.

#2. Good Internet Connection with No restriction

When it comes to streaming videos online or movies online then the very important thing come here is the Internet. Without internet we can’t even imagine video streaming. Online movie streaming requires a high speed internet and make sure that your ISP limit your internet plan for so called FUP.

Need good internet connection for Free movie streaming online

This is also required that you have an uninterrupted current and internet flow. Without these two things you can’t even watch any trailer.

#3. Access to Good Streaming websites

free and paid movie streaming websites

So you have a good internet connection and a good computer, but what about a good streaming portal or website? After all you have to rely on these places to watch anything. There are good portals online and it depends on whether you like to watch free movies or paid. If you are okay to pay some money, then there are some good websites like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Apple iTunes and some other. Where you can watch unlimited movies by paying a small monthly subscription. When you select paid service, then you can be sure about the video and audio quality as all the paid sites provide high quality materials for the users.

But if you like to watch free movies then there also some choice for you. To be honest, most of free movie streaming sites are fake, they earn money just by fooling people. I am not saying all but most of them are fake. There are also some totally free streaming movie sites available where you can watch free movies online without paying anything. If you choose wisely then you can even get some free websites which provide HD movies to watch online.

#4. Time

time is also very important for online movies

This might sound funny, but it is true. If you don’t have time to watch the full movie in one shot, then don’t watch movies then. Because you won’t get the full satisfaction of movies in part.

My Last Verdict

Watching movies online is one of the best things you can do when you get some free time. But, yes, always make sure that you have enough source to watch online movies or else you will end up by wasting your time or messing around the web.

Is this article helpful for you? Why don’t you share this article then? See you next time with another piece of great article.

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6 Best Free Video Player for Windows 2015

Watching movie and videos is something everyone loves to do. Be it on their smartphone or computer. And if you are a movie freak then watching movie on the PC is the best thing you can do. With the PC you can enjoy the movie at its best, which is not possible with a smartphone. While watching movies, every time we have different preferences. So in order to meet those requirements it is very necessary to choose a best video player for your windows PC.


We all admit this that the windows default media player is not able to give best video experience. It has very limited feature and options which are just not enough to get a better movie or video experience. So today here I am going to share 6 best video player software for Windows PC which will surely satisfy your movie experience.

6 Best Free Video Player Software for Windows 2015

#1. VL Media Player

VLC is the best open source free video player software for Windows and MAC which has all the important or I would say all the premium features to play video or movies. It supports almost all the video format that you can only think of. It’s not just a basic video player it is more. Its streaming features and other media input options. It supports subtitle, multi audio and video formats and lot more.

#2. KMPlayer

Here next comes my all-time favorite KMPlayer. It’s easy to understand interface makes this player little comfortable. The KMPlayer is mostly famous for its support to un-common file formats. When all other video players fail to play a certain video format, KMPlayer supports that very easily. With KMPlayer you can run 3D, 2K, 4K, UHD kind of un-common video formats. The KMPlayer also has an inbuilt subtitle editing feature that make you easy to edit any sub-title.

#3. GOM Player

At number 3 I have GOM Player. GOM Player is a media player that developed by GOM Lab. It is one of the old video player that also free and open source. It supports almost all the known video formats like MKV, FLV, and MP4 and so on. The UI is simple and you can customize it too.

#4. PotPlayer

PotPlayer is another free video player software for windows computer. It supports all the windows system that runs on Windows XP and later version. It is available for and supports almost all the video, audio format. In addition to this it also supports Codec and subtitle too.

#5. DivX Player

DivX player is meant for those who care about quality. Yes with DivX player you can watch any HQ videos without losing its quality. Its name might create confusion that it only supports DivX format, but that’s not the truth. It supports all the popular video formats, along with DivX.

How to create USB Bootable Windows 10

#6. RealPlayer

RealPlayer is another good video player for Windows PC. It has all the possible features that could be in any video player. It supports all the basic video formats and features. Along with that, it also has some other features like share video with cloud and so on. The RealPlayer is available in both free and paid versions.

There are many video players like this, but I found the above 6 as better that others and the best part is all of the above are free. So you don’t have to pay anything to use this software on your computer.

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